Hey Girls! Being a fashion lover, you must know the excitement of getting a new look with the new haircut and sizzling clothes. Now it’s time to try out some unusually cute ear piercings.

Ear piercings are the perfect way to switch up your look without investing in the permanency of a tattoo. Whether you prefer dainty studs or statement jewels, adding an earring to your regular beauty look can make all the difference. Unsurprisingly enough, ear piercings have conquered the entire surface of our ears.

Brian Keith Thompson. Known for creating some of the deadly ear-piercing combinations in Los Angeles, he has many fans from celebs to locals alike, thanks to his hip Melrose Avenue shop, Body Electric.Now, he’s in-demand and flown all over the world to pierce celebs, royalty — you name it.


  • “I always tell my clients who ask about pain that it’s like dinner; the better the chef, the better the meal”.
  • “The more experienced a piercer is, the less it’s going to hurt, because his or her movements are more fluid.”
  • Piercings are super personal – and don’t think that your ears are limited for options.

Here, SIZZLING GLAMOUR has explored the internet to bring you the TOP 5 of the 10 most cute-beautiful, unique and intriguing ear piercing types. Take a look at these pictures and be inspired, choose one for yourself and get pierced at a professional salon.

1. Cute Helix Piercing


cute feather helix piercing idea

Floral Piercing Ideas

cute floral helix piercing idea

Cute Style piercing

cute helix piercing

Double Helix

double helix ear piercing double helix piercing


helix ear piercing ideas

2. The Industrial Piercing

 Bar Piercing

bar industrial piercing


cute arrow industrial piercing

Stylish Piercing

cute industrial ear piercing

Bar Style Piercing

industrial ear piercing photo

Sophisticated Piercing Ideas

industrial ear piercing

3. The Conch Piercing

attractive Conch Piercing Conch Piercing
cute Conch Piercing double Conch Piercing

tripple Conch Piercing

4. The Daith Piercing

colorful daith piercing cool daith piercing ideas cute daith heart piercing daith piercing tragus daith piercing

5. The Tragus Piercing

cute tragus piercing double tragus piercing tragus ear piercing tragus piercing ideas tragus piercing

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