Hello Girls, I hope you are very happy and in the mood of joy because its year end, As we all know that festival and wedding season is about to enter and festivals and weddings are always incomplete without beautiful traditional Mehndi. To make your celebrations even more beautiful, here are easy mehandi design tutorials for applying perfect henna pattern for your any occasion.

Mehndi is actually a kind of a natural dye made from the leaves and stem of the Henna tree, it is being used now as a natural dyeing agent and the art of mehndi has now spread all over the world. In western countries, henna is being used as a temporary tattoo, It has specially gained a great deal of popularity in the temporary tattoo industry in European countries.

Actually, many simple mehndi designs can still look trendy and attractive as well as it can be suitable for any occasion. However, we have been seeing fantastic and also detailed designs throughout important events. Many of these designs are easy and beautiful that require very less time. There are many easy mehndi designs for beginners which are usually simple as well as excellent ones that include a hint of color to the hands but do not mess up the hands.

Wish to Apply simple henna patterns step by step?


henna patterns

peacock mehndi pattern sketch

If you are new to this body art, then you may like to settle for one of the least tricky mehndi pattern. This easy henn design will flatter anyone, regardless of their age. It will also look good on brides and on the occasion of their engagement too, not messed up looking at all, these easy mehndi designs are simple enough to be tried at home.

simple mehndi patterns

step by step mehndi design

Learn How to apply these simple mehndi designs for beginners step by step:

  1. Hold the cone correctly with your right hand (if you are Right-handed). Your hand must be comfortable while holding it and squeeze a little at a time.
  2. When you are ready to start, take the pin out of the cone and start applying.
  3. If the tip keeps on getting messy, keep cleaning it with tissue paper. The cleaner the tip, the neater will be your work.
  4. Start applying the simple mehndi design step by step following the simple design you prefer.
  5. Place the design in front of you as the fingers will be near to you and the wrist away. The reason for this positioning is that whenever you apply it on someone’s hand, you will never start from fingers as they will be near to you. It is always better to start from the furthest place then move to the nearest. Otherwise, the whole hand will get messy.

easy mehndi design step by step

easy-simple mehndi-henna pattern

mehndi design really simple

jesna jamal mehndi design

No wonder there are many different types of mehndi art available and the reason i have selected these henna designs is because it can be intricated in many mehndi styles to make up a new design which will be helpful for you later on.

So its best, you start with simple henna designs as a beginner, it will not take too much of time to get along with these patterns you just need to keep practicing and if you need more help regarding this then write to us.

All things observed, we have such motivations to improve your hands with restrictive simple mehndi designs that are intended for the bubbly occasions.

The below photo gallery of henna designs are a flawless sample of it.

amazing lavishing mehndi design on feet

Arabic Henna Design for girls hands

attractive henna patterns for hands

back hand mehndi ideas

beautiful mehndi design on feet

bridal mehndi on hands and feet

cute mehndi design for feet

elegant mehndi pattern

elegant stylish henna for special occasions

floral henna design for eid

floral henna on hands

gorgeous easy mehndi design

Henna on hand back

mehndi design for eid

simple henna design for hands

simple mehndi pattern on hands

very easy mehndi design on hands

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