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how to wear a saree
A saree is a traditional Indian costume worn by women and girls. In South Asia it is considered a tradition to wear sarees a part of the culture. The saree is a long cloth, from five to ten yards in length that is draped on the body in many styles. My article shows and explains the process of wearing the saree in the South Indian style and will help you to learn the basic steps on how to wear a saree.

Essentials in a Saree:

  • Saree: A long 5-10 yard drape one piece fabric to wrap around the body. If you wish to look at some ideas of Sarees than have a look at our Indian Bridal Sarees Collection.
  • Blouse: The essential need of saree, top wear which is almost like a crop top but in well fitting. The blouse ends just below the bust. If you wish to look at some ideas of blouses than have a look at our Modern Blouse Designs Collection.
  • Petticoat: Worn as bottom wear in a long inner skirt serving to carry the drape firmly. The petticoat color should match the base sari color as closely as possible.

Tip:Wearing a saree is not just about draping the fabric; you will look even more stunning in a saree if you add the right makeup and accessories.

Do you know there are many saree draping styles? These styles can make even one single saree look different everywhere you do it. If you want to know how it’s done you are at the absolute page!

Well, here is your complete style guide on how to drape your saree in 7 simple steps that can instantly transform you into a diva. Saree-wearing does not require any special skills. You just have to follow these steps. With the help of a friend these steps should take you less than 12 minutes, even if you’re a first timer.

This is my first step-by-step guide and I am dedicating this to fans all over the world who are amazed by what the wonders this long piece of cloth can make. This is also for the women out there who don’t know much about sarees.

Tips to remember before draping Saree.

  • Always wear your petticoat firmly at the waist, so that the saree is tucked in properly without falling off.
  • Always put on any footwear you wish to wear along the saree, as this brings the best length draped around the body.
  • Use safety pins or clips to pin up pleats and sections where the drape is required to be fixed.

How to wear a Saree in 7 simple and easy steps

how to drape a saree

Step 1:

Take the saree end from the top edge, start wearing the sari by tucking its upper end into the petticoat, at a position which is a little bit to the right of the navel. Make sure that the lower end of the sari should be touching the floor, and that the whole length of the sari comes on the left-hand side.

How to wear a Saree step 1

Step 2:

From the left hand bring the drape around your waist from the back to the center front tucking it in. Wrap the sari around yourself once, with the sari now coming back in the front, on your right side.

How to wear a Saree step 2

Step 3:

Now you will need to make 5-9 of 4-7 inches pleats of the remaining drape at the center and tuck it in the petticoat, facing pleats to the left starting at the tucked-in end. A safety pin may be used to stop the pleats from scattering.

How to wear a Saree step 3.1

How to wear a Saree step 3.2

How to wear a Saree step 3.3

Step 4:

Bring the open drape across your back to your front from the right side, without tucking it. You can pin up the pleats at the center for it to be in center position and tuck the drape edge till your left side waist.

How to wear a Saree step 4

Step 5:

The end portion thus draped, from the left shoulder onward, is called the Pallu. Now hold up the pallu section and make pleats in complete width in 4-7 inches, making sure the border falls on the first pleat to drape it on shoulder. Neatly tuck the pleats into the petticoat, at the waist, slightly to the left of the navel, in such a manner that they open to your left.

How to wear a Saree step 5

Step 6:

Hold the pleats in vertical and bring the drape fall from beneath the right armhole, pulling it up towards and across your left shoulder.

Step 7:

Place the pleats properly on your left shoulder by keeping at least a meter length fall down from the shoulder point, and pin it in place to fix it. Slightly raise the remaining portion of the Sari on your back, bringing it up under the right arm and over the left shoulder so that the end of the Sari falls to about the level of your knees.

How to wear a Saree step 7.1

How to wear a Saree step 7.2

How to wear a Saree step 7.3

The Pallu is flung over the left shoulder. It can either be left to drape over your entire left arm or be gathered in pleats onto the shoulder. A pin can be used to secure the saree to your shoulder but we caution you to be careful as this can damage delicate sarees.

How to wear a Saree step by step

This is the most commonly favored style and is easy to manage with the help of a pin. It is the more commonly used style for formal work-related occasions as it looks decent and elegant.

Indian Bride wearing saree

girl wearing beautiful saree

You are ready to show around in the saree dress looking gorgeous. Enjoy!

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