I am sharing now the best jewelry designs, the glossiness of the inner beauty of modesty and one’s personal interest in the quality of the cultural consciousness of society is pervaded by the influence of jewelry, a piece of jewelry is an object worn only for show.

The art of Latest Jewelry in India-Pakistan is seen all over the world due to its antique look. It is not one garment in the usual sense, but something you wear on the outside of your clothing or directly on the body.

A piece of jewelry will usually be formed in a fine metal of the jewelry stone, or as a combination of these, and thereby represent a certain value, Jewelry is often considered to be finer, the more expensive they are. Therefore jewelry also traditionally been used as a way to exhibit wealth.

Likewise, jewelry was also an expression of power; it had a beautiful crown, or whose wife wore the most expensive jewelry, may be the most important man. Most kingdoms have a collection of crown jewels, which are used only on special occasions. Historically, they also served as a symbol of the royal family’s power and might.

People have made metal jewelry, ever since the first humans learned to process copper 6000 years ago. Before that we used: Ben, shells and shells of ostrich eggs. The lovely look of women fashion is now gone and each one has her own style.

The jewelry designs of 2016 were bright and daring color choices, like yellow and blue. In 2017, the jewelry trends are full of unexpected colors, interesting embellishments and stunning accessories at play. Whether you are in love, newly engaged or have been planning your wedding for months to come, you will want to get acquainted with the newest jewelry looks and styles.

The jewelry you choose should have a flow and connection; starting with your dress and shoes, to the theme of the day. It should express your personality and style, and should be something you are completely comfortable with.

Below you will find the central themes of the 2017 and a beautifully curated collection of jewelry setsnecklacesearrings and bracelets!


Necklaces can set the tone for any occasion. After all, first impressions are made face to face, and what better way to showcase your face and expression than to frame it with the appropriate necklace. Carefully chosen necklace designs can enhance your attire, capture a mood, or even set the stage for your persona.

We know that necklaces for women are more than just decorative accessories, these items often represent a life experience. In many cases they are given as a sentimental gift that will be treasured for generations to come. A very large number of women of India and Pakistan are wearing heavy accessories with traditional outfits.

Traditional styles are embellished with complicated and fine gems and beads. Only a single necklace can give you an amazing personality, Therefore the demand of golden necklaces is increasing very rapidly. The most popular colors of stones used with gold are red, green, maroon, blue and white. With the help of these necklaces every girl can increase the charm of her personality.

Take a look at the latest necklace designs ideas for your next jewelry shopping:

Earrings and Bracelets Designs

They are designed according to the new fashion and demands of young girls, the use of pearls and stones is suitable for traditional brides, it is a formal jewelry collection that is perfect for Eid as well. Bracelets and bangles are made by using several beads threaded together on strings, they are very important for the makeover and overall all look of bridals.

Trendy and modern pearls are enclosed firmly on bangles to make them more beautiful. The artists are using different and alternative ways to give them a wonderful touch. A traditional bride looks incomplete without wearing payals and mathapatti.

Payals are usually made with silver metal, while mathapatti are made with both gold and silver. On the other hand you can also use tika and jhumar in place of mathapatti. I hope you will enjoy latest collection of jewellery designs having extra ordinary beauty.

Take a look at the latest earrings and bracelets designs for 2017 jewelry selection;

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