Ladies! Don’t you want to get a new look by cutting your hair when the short hair is quite fashionable these days? Are you ready for hair liberation? Here are the styles of the season!

Trying out a new short hairstyle is a choice that takes some belief but once you have freedom of having short hair, you will never want to go back to long hair again! Short hair can be brittle, seductive, girlish, rugged or adorable, depending on how you style your hair.

Many women looking for beautiful short hairstyles because beautiful hairstyles make them look sizzling and youthful easily.

For the black girl with a teeny weeny afro, you have the option to get a low fade, define your curls with a twist-out or just comb it into a classic fro, the options are endless!

If you’ve always dream’t of short hair, now’s a better time than ever to take the jump. But there’s no going back once you carry out the cut; so how are you supposed to style it once you do?

20 Amazing Hair Expert Tips for Styling:

  1. Spray texture spray on your bobby pins before placing to avert slippage.
  2. Braid your hair into an elegant crown braid.
  3. Keep your pixie cut shiny and silky all day by crisscrossing two headbands over your hair.
  4. Pin your bangs back with a cool ombré chevron bobby pin
  5. Keep a cold cream in your bag in case you need to tame your locks or curls on the go.
  6. Create a fake bang by making a deep side part, sweeping the hair across your forehead, and securing it behind one side of your headband.
  7. Not all hair textures are suited for all hairstyles and cuts.
  8. Make your own salt spray with carbonated water and a teaspoon of sea salt to give your short hair beachy texture.
  9. Define your natural curls with a curling iron and go!
  10. Create a pompadour by teasing a section of hair from temple to temple and then pushing it against where you normally part your hair to increase lift.
  11. Blow your hair dry 50 percent of the way and then let it air dry.
  12. Braid your hair from back to front.
  13. Avoid weighing down your short hair by applying root lifter to your roots, and pomade and wax to your ends only.
  14. Create natural curls by alternating wrapping your hair over and under the barrel of the curling iron.
  15. Keep your bangs, or any shorter layers, out of your face by braiding them into a headband braid.
  16. Pull the hair off your neck and create a slimmer, chic bob by braiding the undersides of your hair.
  17. Avoid using a brush while blow-drying, since it will create a puffy, dated feel.
  18. Boost volume by parting your hair and crimping the layers of hair underneath.
  19. Whip up an updo on super-short hair by creating a pompadour, and then twist and pin your loose hairs haphazardly.
  20. Use the “locking” technique to hide your pin and ensure that it stays in place all day.

Here, we have gathered for you 30 beautiful hairstyle ideas for 2017 that will act as your inner hair mentor and will surely ignite your passion to go short.

amazing medium-short hairstyle rough short hairstyle vintage short hairstyle

natural curly short hair black girl stylish medium short haircut very short black girl hair

black girl short hairstyle

short hair zendayasimple short haircut

retro hairstyle for medium hair

short medium hairstyle

beautiful jennifer lawrence short hairstyles black girl curly haistyles cute short hairstyle layered short haircut medium haircut rough medium hairstyling natural black girl short haircuts natural black lady curly hairstyle pretty girl short layered hairstyle rita oras side bangs short haircut short funky hairstyle

short haircut ideas straight fine short haircut

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