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Hollywood’s copious profitable man, Ryan Gosling who is known for movies such as Drive, The Notebook and Crazy, Stupid, Love, is a prominent source of style inspiration. Ryan Gosling has doubtless one of the majority definitive style haircuts, and it is precisely one of the first cuts a barber learns in college. From chick flick classics to award-winning thrillers, there are dozens of films that have allowed Ryan Gosling to experiment with various haircuts.

Some Useful Tips:

Who it suits: “Pretty much any face shape works with this classic look.”

What to ask for: “The haircut needs to be cut in with some texture on the top so it does not lie too flat or too bulky.”

What to use: “The best product to use is a matt clay, nothing too greasy or shiny as it will take away from the cut and turn it into more of an over slick.

How to style it: “To use, rub a small amount of the product between your hands. Start at the back of your head and work it forwards with the palms of your hands part it with your fingers as if they were a comb and you are done.

How to maintain it: “Maintenance-wise, it should last a good 6 weeks but with the soft edges probably 8 to 10 as the hair line isn’t as obvious.”

Getting the consent of SIZZLING GLAMOUR requires more than just great personal style. It also takes some serious grooming. Like staying ahead of the loop when it comes to hair trends. This year we are presented with a fresh batch of hair icons.

Ryan Gosling has had diverse hairstyles – from cropped to floppy to bleached blond.  One way or another, he always manages to pull it off.

Let’s take a look at his TOP 20 haircuts. No guarantees on getting this haircut, and expecting to have his love life, but it may get you a bit closer.

Raw Talent Fresh Haircut, 2001

Raw Talent Fresh Haircut 2001

Crazy No Beard Sideburn Length, 2003

Crazy No Beard Sideburn Length 2003

Buzz Cut Winter Look, 2005

Buzz Cut Winter Look 2005

The Full Beard, 2006

The Full Beard 2006

The Mustache Look, 2007

The Mustache Look 2007

The Clean look, 2008

The Clean look 2008

The Grooming God Look, 2010

The Grooming God Look 2010

The Edgy Look, 2011

The Edgy Look 2011

Off-Duty Look, 2012

Off-Duty Look 2012

The Center Look, 2014

The Center Look 2014

Collection of 10 Hot Modern Ryan Gosling Haircuts

Collection of 10 Hot Modern Ryan Gosling Haircuts

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Get Inspired! Do tell us which your fav of all was. Leave your valuable comments!

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